Don't live in nearby? Work Off-Site with an OPEX North Shore Coach!

With Off-Site Training, clients do not need to be On-Site at OPEX North Shore. We can work with you anywhere in the world!

Results Driven Off-Site Training

A large aspect of what what makes our off-site training so global is due to our very handy TrueCoach program/app. TrueCoach allows for seamless uploading of videos and training data for fitness programming and demonstrations, as well as client performance videos, coaching feedback, and movement analysis.

As an off-site client, you can expect a personalized service that provides an individualized program and a coach who prescribes exercise selection, structures training, nutritional and lifestyle guidance to help you reach your goals from anywhere in the world.

Off-Site Training includes:

  • A fully individualized training program crafted for you based on the your goals and abilities.

  • Monthly Nutritional Consultation and ongoing nutritional monitoring and support.

  • Remote Consults every 4 weeks as needed. These help to stay on track and tuned into training needs, progress tracking, exercise and diet plan, and great way to check in with your coach on a weekly or monthly basis.

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